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BBK Road Cranks

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These are a good quality and the wide size range is intended to make it easy to get the correct crank length for Junior riders. A rider on a 1 thousand dollar bike with good wheels and the correct cranks for their rollout will be better off than a rider on a 6 thousand dollar bike with the wrong length. We have run with 36/46 rings. They will fit any bike that can use Shimano cranks. Lengths are 145/155/165/170mm
They are a nice quality 6061 forged unit and are also suitable for adults, they stack up against product twice the price,
If a rider is doing a 12 second 200m on a 6.0m rollout (under 15) the foot speed they need to achieve is as follows on 145mm cranks 91kph , on 155mm cranks 97kph on 165mm 103kph and on 170's which are the most common fitted on off the peg bikes 107kph so with pedal speed being a huge factor in junior catagories you really don't want to be running 170's on your under 15 rider.

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