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Ceramic Bearing

Ceramic Bearing Image

These bearings are a common size in track wheels and a high quality unit.
10 x 26 x 8
Ceramic bearings are typically constructed with a ferrous inner and outer ring or race with ceramic balls in the place of steel. Ceramic bearings offer many advantages over all steel bearings, such as higher speed and acceleration capability, increased stiffness, lower friction

Ceramic bearing balls are typically made from (Si3N4) ceramic silicon nitride and have greater hardness than steel balls resulting in longer ball life. Ceramic bearing balls have smooth surface finishes than most steel bearing balls. Thermal properties are also better steel balls which result in less heat generation due to friction at high speeds. To manufacture a extra fine surface finish on ceramic balls, the balls are elevated with a magnetic field and than polished with plasma stream. Ceramic bearings balls are rated at higher spin rates than steel bearing balls.

Ceramic bearing balls require less lubricant and exhibit less lubrication degradation, which results in increased bearing life. Ceramic bearings manufactured from Si3N4 can operate at temperatures up to 1600F. Ceramics also are resistant to oxidation.

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