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Weight Weenies

Weight Weenies we have some products just for you.
Below is a list of products we have sought out to slice weight off your bike in the best value way. Some Examples below are based on components you would reasonably expect to come on your new $2500 to $4000 road bike. There are just over under a kilo of savings shown, some of which wont break the bank.

Headstem Edge SL 120mm
120gram VS FSA OS150 170gram 50 gram

Equinox S Carbon ergo bars 160 gram vs FSATeam Issue Compact UD 271gm 111 gram

Carbon Seatpost
190 gram vs FSA Team Issue SBS SB20 271(27.2)
estimate for 31.6 300gram
100 grams
1299 vs Mavic Ksyrium Equipe 1670 grams 369 grams
Ti Skewers
59 gr vs Shimano Ultegra 135 76 gram
Maxxis Welterweight tubes
80 gram vs average presta 700x23 114 34X2 68 gram Subtotal 776 gram

Equinox Crankset
650gram vs Ultegra 6700 780grams 130 grams