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We pride ourselves on being one of the most technically proficient shops in the country. We design and and manufacture components under our BBK brand. We repair and manufacture carbon components . We have been servicing racings elite organisations for more than 27 years. We aim to provide the same attention to all our customers to help them achieve their personal goals.

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We specialise in wheels. As with most components there are a huge number of brands and technical variations. The trick is finding the wheel that best suits your needs. Don't believe that just throwing buckets of money at the question will give you the best result. Track wheels are becoming more of a niche market. Manufacturers understandably spend their money on developing products for the wider market, the wind angles and tyre sizes are very different on the track which requires different rim shapes and widths.we have specific track wheels for $400 each that are faster than very popular $1700 dollar units.
Some of the questions we consider before making a reccomendation are what riding are you doing ?, racing?, training? commuting?, what do you weigh, how much balance do you want to put on performance vs longevity?
Wheels for younger age groups are different again. The most common trap is buying wheels that were never designed with racing in mind. Most manufactures don't build racing alloy wheelsets , that is what their carbon models are for. The younger age groups are lighter, do less kilometres and can make significant performance gains by using wheels designed for them. Saving 500 grams on rotating mass is the same as saving 1 kilogram on the frame when accelerating. The difference is even more important when you are working with a sub 50 kilo rider as upposed to an 80 kilo one.